White Paper: Schneieder Electric BACnet-N2 Router Product Announcement

General Information

Schneider Electric now offers the S4 Group’s BACnet to N2 Routers. This addition to the Schneider Electric Sourced Product offering will allow Partners and Branches to provide solutions to building owners that are looking for better service and support. This solution will allow Partners and Branches to utilize the BACnet IP capabilities of their BAS platforms to easily integrate into existing Metasys® N2 networks.

The S4 Group’s BACnet to N2 Router allow for bi-directional media and transport independent open systems interface at the N2 Fieldbus level. Having the ability to implement best-of-breed solutions, utilize existing network infrastructure, and retain existing investments by the building owner.

The N2 bus is limited to 9600 baud half-duplex communication and can become overwhelmed when integrated into a modern high speed Building Automation System. Issues such as time-outs, data loss and other errors can be caused by polling several points at once, malfunctioning N2 devices, EMF interference, and other factors. The potential for issues increase as the downstream N2 bus grows in size and age. The S4 BACnet to N2 Router offers a solution for an easy integration into a Schneider Electric Building Automation system as well as improving down stream communications.

Download the PDF to read the full announcement.