White Paper: Power Quality Issues Resulting from Energy Saving Initiative - New Revenue Opportunity for the Building Automation Community

Courtesy of Tim Grosse, CEO/Executive Director E2 Energy Advisors.


Energy saving and green energy initiatives are changing the energy economy for more carbon
free and cost-effective power production. However, introduction of energy efficiency
measures like LED lights, VFD (Variable Frequency Drives), EV (Electric Vehicles) charging
stations, and smart solar grids also pollute the power lines by introducing current and voltage
harmonics, voltage/current imbalance and many other deleterious power quality issues.
Therefore, with the adoption of energy efficiency measures, there is an increased need to
analyze the resulting power quality since the measures may adversely impact expensive
machines such as HVAC systems, pumps, motors, CT scanners, MRIs, and many others. It may
also increase the fire hazards from current imbalances. Consequences of resulting poor power
quality from energy efficiency measures may outweigh any financial or practical gains of
Energy saving projects. This paper shows one of such case studies done on an office building
with five floors and having different offices in different floors.