Monitoring SNMP-Devices Made Easy

The SNMP-OPC Server enables full monitoring and control of SNMP-enabled devices from any OPC-based application.

  • The SNMP-OPC Server makes your existing HMI/SCADA system a fully enabled and economically priced network-management system.
  • Brings the status of critical network components (hubs, switches, routers, etc.) and infrastructure (servers, UPS) into your Industrial Automation or HVAC application.
  • Enables system operators to send commands to SNMP manageable devices.


Key Features of the SNMP-OPC Server

  • Translates OPC Read Requests to SNMP GET Commands
  • Translates OPC Write Requests to SNMP SET Commands
  • Maps SNMP Traps to OPC Alarms and Events
  • Supports SNMP Autodiscovery
  • Automatically selects the correct Device Profile and assigns it to SNMP devices
  • Integrates SNMP Manageable devices into Automation Systems
  • Supports NON-SNMP devices via ICMP PING

Additional Information

This is an Obermeier Software product. Additional information can be found on the SNMP-OPC Gateway web site.

Developer: Obermeier Software
SNMP v1, v2
Software application hosted on any current Windows OS

Updates are covered under your Software Assurance subscription.

First, confirm that your Software Assurance subscription is up to date. One year of Software Assurance is provided with each S4 Open Appliance or Obermeier Software product purchase.

Then, contact your BAS Integrator or distributor who you purchased the product from to coordinate receiving and installing the update.

This page was eliminated from when we transitioned from our original web site as the power of Internet search engines has eliminated the need for this page. Please use your favorite search engine to look for the terms you need information about.

  1. Issue a P.O. to The S4 Group, Inc. or make other payment arrangements. Note that all prices quoted on this site are in U.S. dollars and that payment must be in U.S. dollars. You will recieve the software via email shortly thereafter.
  2. Install the software on the machine that you will be using in production. The License Key is partially based on the Windows serial number for the specific installation so you must do this step. The software will run with full functionality in a 2-hour demo mode until we issue a License Key to put it into production mode.
  3. Open the SNMP-OPC Server or OPC-SNMP Enterprise Agent software and right click on the topmost item in the navigation pane.
  4. Select Properties option and go to the Licensing tab.
  5. In the top of the Licensing dialog box you will see a "Site Code". Copy this and eMail it to: with License Key Request in the subject line. Include your company name, the customer or project name, and t...

Absolutely. Industrial HMI (Human Machine Interface) Manufacturers like Rockwell Automation (RS View), GE Fanuc (Cimplicity, iFIX), Invensys (Wonderware), TI, Iconics (Genesis32), Advantech (A-Studio), Indusoft (Studio) are all pushing into the building automation space.

  1. These products all use the OPC communications protocol standard so they are likely candidates for the S4 Open: OPC-N2 Router.
  2. Iconics is a special case in that JCI OEMed their Genesis32 product for the 90+ % of the M3 and M5 Workstations.  JCI has an equity position in Iconics
  3. We are performing interoperability testing with each of the above products, and many others, to make the sales process smoother.
  4. Whenever possible we are generating case studies of completed projects so check our site for similar projects to the one you are proposing.
  5. Their channel partners are the system integrators and resellers who we want to partner with and should be our sales targets. Ask fo...
  • Some align themselves with specific BAS manufacturers; some support a large line of products.
  • JCI has moved away from the Iconics platform and left lots of M3 and M5 Workstation customers stranded. There is a potentially huge market to migrate these customers to the commercially available Iconics Genesis32 product and porting the graphics from the M3 or M5 workstation to this system.
  • Ask for the person responsible for 3<sup>rd</sup> party product integration or integration to Johnson Controls Metasys<sup>®</sup> Building Automation Systems.

There are SIGNIFICANT advantages to doing an integration instead of a compete replacement.

  • Integration to legacy field devices can save up to 90% of the cost of doing a complete replacement. This becomes more evident as the size and complexity of the building increases.

  • If you do a phased replacement the customer can include the incremental transition costs in their maintenance budget. They do not have to do a onetime large capital outlay.

  • By integrating and replacing the head end they gain most of the same benefits of a complete replacement day one.

  • Make sure that you are looking at the complete cost of a replacement system. It’s not just the hardware. All of the installation and commissioning services need to be considered.

Obermeier Software SNMP OPC Server Interoperability Testing

This table shows the current status of interoperability testing between the Obermeier Software SNMP OPC Server and various SNMP Manageable Devices and OPC Clients

SNMP OPC Server Interoperability Testing Status - OPC Clients

System Manufacturer S4 Lab Test? Manufacturer Test? Field Test? Production Install? Comments
Genesis32 Iconics Yes No Yes Yes

SNMP OPC Server Interoperability Testing Status - SNMP Manageable Devices

System Manufacturer S4 Lab Test? Manufacturer Test? Field Test? Production Install? Comments
UPS Schneider Electric APC Yes No Yes Yes

Please, contact us, if the interface your looking for is not listed or if you have updates to the status of interoperability testing with any product.

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