I am a Trane affiliate. How do I order the The Tracer Communications Bridge - N2 (KBA-01021-F5T8W6)?

The Tracer Communications Bridge - N2 is available for order directly through Trane channels.

The N2 Bridge is the Trane brand labeled version of the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router. It has all the same capabilities, plus it contains Trane customized device type templates that allow you to use standard Trane graphics if you are in the SC or ES environment.

Tracer Communications Bridge – N2 to BACnet/IP support page: http://www.trane.com/COMMERCIAL/Internal/View.aspx?i=2809

This item is currently in limited release, and all opportunities are being coordinated through Chuck Lehn clehn@trane.com (651) 407-4208. Approval is required in order to complete the ordering process and release goods for shipment.

Additional Comments
The support page link is to an internal Trane page, access is only available to Trane employees and authorized dealers.
Pre-sales engineering, planning support, and first level technical support are provided by Trane through standard product sales and support channels.