I am a Honeywell affiliate. How do I order S4 Open Appliances (KBA-01023-K9F2Y2)?

The S4 Group has a Strategic Supplier relationship with Honeywell. If you are a Honeywell branch or dealer, S4 Open Appliances and accessories can be ordered using Hubwoo. If Hubwoo is not available in your country please check with your Country Manager to make alternate arrangements.

Part numbers in the Hubwoo system will be very similar to the standard S4 part numbers.
- In Hubwoo search for part numbers using the search string S4O* i.e. S Four(4) Open.
- Check the comments for each part number and look for those that indicate they are a complete system package. This should be the preferred method of ordering. The system packages, or bundles,
provide you all the components needed for a complete installation. Individual parts should only be ordered to support field upgrades or special cases.

Your purchases will be drop shipped from The S4 Group. Make sure that you provide any supplemental information required for the shipping service. By default orders will be shipped by UPS Ground. Please specify if you require shipping by another carrier or expedited shipping.

Additional Comments
You will be invoiced through the normal Honeywell billing process used for Hubwoo purchases.