Does S4 Have Demo Systems Available (KBA-01024-M6J4F9)?

This is a special order item offered only to high volume distributors and strategic partners who are investing in a permanent demo / training facility or portable demo to assist in marketing and sales efforts.

Order part number S4O-DemoKit-S

Additional Comments
The Demo Kit includes a full size S4 Open Appliance at S4 subsidized price of $1000.00 U.S.

The S4 Partner is responsible for all shipping costs, VAT, fees, duties, or taxes imposed by the destination jurisdiction.

The system will be pre-loaded with the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router-N256-D1-U1 or S4 Open: OPC-N2 Router-N256-D1-U1 as requested. This selection can be changed in the field as needed.

Power supplies, cables, adapters, support CD, and the S4 Open Management Console are included.

Software Assurance will be provided as long as this system is utilized as a demo / training platform.

The system is restricted to be used for demo / training purposes only. If it is deployed into a production environment S4 must be notified immediately and the partner must pay their standard negotiated price for the size appliance put into service (minus the original $1000.00 U.S. purchase price). The partner is responsible for any incremental VAT, fees, duties, or taxes imposed by the destination jurisdiction.

This offer is only available for purchase one time for each major office location of the S4 partner.

S4 reserves the right to fill these orders with "open box" products or products that have been previously uses as demo / test systems.

For customer site trials that will likely result in conversion to a sale, the S4 Try-Then-Buy program should be used.