Do you perform Interoperability Testing with the S4 Open Appliances (KBA-01014-S4B9W3)?

We have established a test bed that can be utilized to perform interoperability testing with any BACnet or OPC client, device, or application. We establish a virtual machine environment for each manufacturer environment. Depending on the requirements this is either Microsoft Virtual PC or VMware. Initially, this is utilized for establishing compatibility between S4 products and any other manufacturer product. Longer term, this same environment is utilized for customer demonstrations and ongoing support of customer installations.

Please contact us to schedule a test session if you are a manufacturer and would like to schedule a test session, or you are a end user or integrator and have recommendations for product testing.

Additional Comments
One of the reasons that we went to these lengths is that we understand that very few organizations have a complete BAS test environment. Our test bed can be made available through remote access technology for support of mutual customers and ongoing regression testing when new products, or product upgrades, are released. Most of the BAS manufacturers have provided evaluation copies of their products to support these testing efforts.