Can 3rd party non-N2 devices be brought into Metasys with the S4 Open appliances (KBA-01011-V5Y9H0)?

This is the inverse of what our products do today. The S4 Open Appliances integrate into a N2 bus and publish what they find to open OPC or BACnet environments.
The icing on the cake is that because of the architecture of the S4 Open appliances, we will not only publish these devices to N2, but to any and all upstream interfaces that are supported by the system.

Additional Comments
In a future series of enhancements we will provide the ability to connect BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP, OPC, SNMP, Modbus, or EnOcean Wireless devices to a N2 bus. These devices will look like a Vendor, VND, device to Metasys and we will provide .PRN files to aid in bringing the point list into Metasys.