ES2 and Automated Logic Rope in Savings for Cowboys Alumni Center.


Technical Solution: Automated Logic WebCTRL, S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router

Technical Solution

Automated Logic WebCTRL
S4 OPen: BACnet-N2 Router

About The Customer

Near the heart of campus, the ConocoPhillips Oklahoma State University Alumni Center is a 52,000 square foot facility located on the historic campus quad that has been serving
OSU since 2005.

Integration Site

Manager of Alumni Center Facilities Matt Morgan, recognized challenges with the control of the Alumni Centers HVAC system. Matt called upon the Energy Solutions team at Engineered Systems & Energy Solutions, Inc. (ES2) to review the challenges, and potential energy savings opportunities. After an analysis of the mechanical systems and using ES2’s methodology to address energy usage in the facility, ES2 proposed a cost effective solution deploying Automated Logic's WebCTRL® system, enabled by the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router, created the opportunity for the Alumni Center to gallop their way to significant energy savings.

Utilities at the Alumni Center have decreased by 41% in one year

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Comparing Utility Data between the years before the project and once completed, OSU Alumni Center experienced an energy savings of $74,000! The system that ES2 installed achieved an ROI in only a few months,but the tools and capabilities that were delivered will bring continued savings.

WebCTRL Logo WebCTRL® is a premier building automation system, offering an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. The potential of WebCTRL is universal – literally. It enables you to access your BAS from anywhere in the world through a number of devices – including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones – equipped with a standard browser. The S4 Open Technology enabled WebCTRL® to access all of the data from the existing N2 systems within the building

About Engineered Systems & Energy Solutions,

Engineered Systems & Energy Solutions, is dedicated to perpetually changing the way buildings use energy. We achieve energy solution targets by offering comprehensive services in Energy Assessments, Building Automation, Test Adjust and Balance and Commissioning services that improve a facilities operations as well as bottom line. Serving all of Oklahoma and Arkansas ES2 is ready to find savings for your facility. To learn more contact Energy Solution Providers at ES2 contact Jesse Glentling ,Account Executive, 405-528-4500

About The S4 Group

TheS4 Group delivers seamless open systems integration solutions for non-IT and building automation systems (BAS)

Any OPC or BACnet-based automation system (Factory Floor, Process Control, Industrial Automation, etc.) can be integrated into your enterprise management capability, enhancing the value of automation and improving the operational efficiency and profitability of your organization.With the rapid adoption of Industrial Ethernet and IT infrastructure to support automation systems, it’s critical to manage these systems as effectively and efficiently as possible. The S4 Group can bring any SNMP-manageable device into your automation arena, where it and its associated data are seamlessly integrated.

Our unique automation solutions enable new system architectures, compartmentalization of component upgrades, clean integration with existing BAS, as well as seamless integration with IT & enterprise management systems.

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