TOSIBOX - Scalability and Flexibility

Last month, we provided an introduction and overview of TOSIBOX networking technology - TOSIBOX provides a series of modular hardware, software, and virtual products that can be combined in various ways to cost effectively create the networking utility needed to support any vertical market needs.

An operational network is a network of devices, systems, and users requiring remote access, data collection and network management. Today, companies in more than 130 countries are building their OT networks with TOSIBOX®.

The normal operational mode for Lock devices is “Lock” mode. OT assets connected to its Ethernet ports are secured and can only be accessed by a person, or an application, that has a TOSIBOX Key paired with this specific lock device. Standard Ethernet switches can be connected to one of the LAN ports to expand the number of devices that can be connected. “Client” mode is not very often used but is available in cases where secure access is required to a subset of existing devices where there is no flexibility to move the devices to be secured behind a Lock device.

The TOSIBOX Lock 500 is the workhorse of the product line. Where available, the Lock 500 WAN interface can securely utilize existing IP gateways to the Internet. WiFi and LTE interfaces can be configured as alternative interfaces when an existing gateway is not available. They can also be configured as fallback transport methods should your primary interface become unavailable. Unique features include support for multiple SIM cards, certified for both AT&T and Verizon networks. FirstNet support is coming to support public safety networks.

Multiple models of Lock are available, each with various combinations of interfaces, capacities, and functionality to provide scalability and cost effectively meet any networking need.

A unique offering for embedded systems developers is the new TOSIBOX® Lock for Container. It provides secure connectivity inside your industrial IoT devices. It is a software-only way of connecting your IPCs, HMIs, PLCs, controllers and other devices to your TOSIBOX® network, serving as the endpoint for secure remote connections.

TOSIBOX keys provide access to the systems protected by TOSIBOX locks. TOSIBOX again demonstrates their understanding of the flexibility needed by organizations to provide secure remote access, data collection, and management of their OT networking environment.

Note that the screen shots and graphics used in this article are from TOSIBOX netlab training sessions, product documentation, and the TOSIBOX web site. If you attended a recent netlab one of the now standard demonstrations shows the power of a S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router integrating into, and normalizing legacy BAS data to standard BACnet objects then transporting that information via TOSIBOX technology.

Contact The S4 Group to start the process of designing and deploying your TOSIBOX network to support your project’s application, remote access, or monitoring needs. Traditional product purchases or SaaS pricing models are available depending on the size and complexity of your project.