The S4 Group turns to Broadlook Technologies for IT Upgrade

Data is only good if it is usable; by definition, if it’s not usable, it’s useless. With that in mind, the S4 Group has adopted a suite of products from Broadlook Technologies that will clean up our current Dynamics CRM database, as well as keep it clean and consistent as new records are added. We are adopting the CRM Profiler, CRM Shield, Contact Capture, and the CRM Normalizer.

We are most looking forward to using the CRM Normalizer, which will go through our accounts and contacts and revise them for consistency. After our records have been “Normalized,” the rest of the Broadlook products will work together to make entering new records easier with Contact Capture, keep records up to date with the CRM Profiler, and keep new data clean and usable with the CRM Shield.

To find out more about Broadlook Technologies, visit their website at