The S4 Group Part of SBIR Navy Contract Team

The S4 Group is pleased to announce that we are a core team member in the recently awarded Navy SBIR project. Service Robotics & Technologies is the prime contractor.

The Navy SBIR project is 4 months long, with a kickoff date of mid-May. Service Robotics & Technologies (SRT) proposes leveraging an existing software product, the M1 Hardware Portal (the M1), to meet the specific needs of the US Navy for Facility Health Monitoring and Prioritization for building structures, machinery, and support components. For the proposed Phase I, SRT's M1 will act as a foundational building block for the development of a TRL 6 prototype system that will monitor and control 40 connected BAS/IoT/IIoT devices across from within the controlled local network at a Department of Navy facility location.

This proposed stand-alone software tool will be transitioned from a cloud-based framework to a local network deployed system, that will provide greater security to controlled Navy facility environments. The deployed prototype will allow for the demonstration of: (1) data acquisition from integrated devices (BAS, IoT, and IIoT) across the Navy facility, (2) management of historical device data, (3) alerting to off-nominal conditions from collected data, (4) cross-platform analytics that allow for information interpreted from more than one device, and (5) an interface for data display, reporting, and alerts. This proposed software, the M1 Hardware Portal for Navy Applications (M1NA), will include the following components: Central Controller, BAS and IoT/IIoT Integrations, Analytics Engine, User Interface, and Cybersecurity components.

The S4 Group’s role in the project is to support the Service Robotics team (SRT) with gateway integration onto their local server stack and ensure that SRT can control whatever BACnet device is on the other side of it. The specific BACnet devices to be integrated into the system will be finalized by the Navy customer after SRT and S4 Group are able to complete a site survey and evaluate the options for integration.

For more information about Service Robotics & Technologies please contact:
Gregory P. Scott, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Service Robotics & Technologies, Inc.
Twitter: @SRTLabs