S4 Pandemic Response

Protecting your staff and customers from the Coronavirus and especially the COVAD-19 strain while serving your customers is on the top of your priority list, just as it is ours here at S4.

We understand that because of this pandemic every project and associated schedule is subject to change until we return to whatever the new normal will be. We are prepared to support our partners and accommodate these changes.

One advantage for the protection of our staff at The S4 Group that our business model has given us is that there is a very limited set of people who visit our offices on a regular basis. The main contact is with our logistics suppliers who bring in raw materials and deliver our finished products. To further protect the health of our staff, we are providing the flexibility to work from home, in accordance with the guidance from medical experts for social distancing. A deep cleaning and disinfecting of our office have been conducted as an added precaution for the portion of our staff working in the office. Most of our ongoing communications with S4 partners is via phone, email, or remote desktop services, as it always has been. We are taking practical and pragmatic action that helps to guarantee we will be here when you need us.

The one exception to not having partners come into our office is when we host our quarterly S4 Boot Camp. Those partners who utilize this program see success in their projects far quicker than those who fly by the seat of their pants. Boot Camps offer interactive and hands on experiences with the S4 products and our test lab. That’s what makes them effective. Out of caution and respect for our partners’ health we are going to suspend Boot Camps until travel restrictions and social distancing are no longer required. Instead, we will continue to offer our web based Live Demos as a substitute.

We anticipate that as schools reopen and employees return to their places of employment there will be an upturn in the number of emergency or expedited building upgrades. So, we are working with our supply chain to make sure that we have an adequate supply of materials to deliver products when you need them to help your customers return to normal operations.

We hope that this message has found everyone safe and healthy and that those who have been infected with any strain of the coronavirus recover quickly. To your health and success!