S4 Open:BACnet-N2 Router Maintenance Release 1.51

Maintenance Release 1.51 is available to anyone with a system currently covered by our Software Assurance program. Updates to both the S4 firmware and the Management Console are required.

This maintenance release builds upon the previously released hot fix and adds multiple additional fixes and enhancements. Much of this incremental work was in the Management Console.
• Performance, responsiveness, and stability of the Management Console have all been greatly improved.
• The data type for the COS Increment now allows decimal numbers to be entered.
• Operation behind an external BACnet IP to BACnet IP router is now supported.
• Live Point Monitoring now utilizes the S4 caching service for greatly improved performance.
• Management Console release 1.51 is backward compatible to 1.50 and 1.30 installations.

More information on maintenance release 1.51 and the fixes provided in the previously released hot fix can be found in the 1.51 release notes.

Contact The S4 Group to verify that you are eligible for this system upgrade.