S4 Open Products

All S4 Open products are based on a common core technology platform enabling Lego®-like "mix-and-match" capability for your building automation systems.


S4 Open Concept

The S4 Group's unique Virtual N2 Network© allows the Building Automation System Designer to take advantage of all the features and strengths of any model of the Johnson Controls, Inc. supervisory controller. In normal operation the S4 Open appliance is completely transparent to the supervisory controller. What the supervisory controller sees on its N2 interface is the switched image of the sum of the N2 devices on all of the Downstream N2 Networks attached to the S4 Open appliance. It has no need to know what ports they were connected to, what media or transport was utilized, or if address translation was performed. As far as it is concerned, our Virtual N2 Network© is a normal, traditional, N2 field bus.

For more information please select a specific S4 Open product, our current lineup consists of:

- S4 Open: OPC-N2 Router

S4 Open: N2 Switch
- S4 Open: Management Console
- S4 Open: BACnet-EnOcean Router