S4 Open Appliances Release 1.30 and 1.40 Retired

A major accomplishment of the last month comes from our development partner, Obermeier Software, who has been able to merge the code trees from releases 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5. This has major positive implications for our installed base of release 1.30. Obviously, because there are no more UNO 2059GL hardware platforms available, there have not been any new shipments of release 1.30 for quite some time. However, with the above activity completed, all enhancements, maintenance, and support will move to our 1.5 release. Partners now on release 1.30 with an active Software Assurance subscription will be able to upgrade to release 1.50 and continue using the UNO 2059GL hardware platform.

We are not delivering any additional 1.40 systems. This is actually more good news! Here’s a quick summary of what is going on. Our 1.40 release moved to the Advantech UNO 2362G hardware platform running on Windows 7 Embedded Standard. That was planned to be a transition release and a stepping stone towards our 2.0 release. One of the goals for 1.40 was to remove both hardware and OS dependencies in our firmware. As we got into the port process, we found that we would have had to completely redesign the code supporting our upstream N2 interface, which would make it dependent on W7ES. We decided that was not a smart thing to do so 1.40 was released without Upstream N2 support. A maintenance release has just been completed for 1.40 and has been successfully installed at several sites. Release 1.40 accomplished its goals and, as always, we are taking steps to protect the investment our partners have made in the S4 products. Partners now on release 1.40 with an active Software Assurance subscription will be eligible to upgrade to release 1.50 and continue using the UNO 2362G hardware platform.

This should be the last article with discussions about Release 1.30 or release 1.40. We are ready to move on and I’m sure you are, too.