S4 Migrating to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

S4 has been actively using LinkedIn for many years to supplement the building automation online forums such as http://www.automatedbuildings.com. The number of connections that we have on LinkedIn has been steadily growing and several of the major opportunities that we have been involved with worldwide have come through LinkedIn contacts. When our LinkedIn subscription was due for renewal a few months ago, we decided to try upgrading to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

So far, the results have been rewarding. LinkedIn Sales Navigator manages multiple searches on an ongoing basis and makes it very easy to select the most relevant prospects to invite to connect. Like most tools, it works if you work it! Sales Navigator presents potential leads for your review, but you need to actively determine which ones you believe are most relevant and take actions on them.

One of the best features of Sales Navigator is that it will proactively refine the criteria for presenting new prospects to you based on the actions that you take along the way. We haven’t been using it long enough to experience the impact of this feature, but it certainly has the potential to make our lead prospecting much more focused.

In the short time that we have been using Sales Navigator, we have seen a much better geographic distribution of presented prospects to help us continue our expand our international presence and provide referrals to our network of S4 distributors and integrators.

If you have similar interests and would like to become a part of our expanding network of contacts visit my profile on LinkedIn and request a connection.