S4 Boot Camp Training -"Never can have too much training before you do the job."

The most recent Boot Camp training was held August 26-27 at our offices in Ogden, Utah. During this session our attendees had very different backgrounds and goals for participating in the training.

Kellan Pfleger, representing Temperature Technology in South Dakota, is a seasoned controls professional who wanted to learn best practices related to S4 Open Technology. His company started as a traditional HVAC company and has expanded to add a controls/integration division.

After the training and lots of hands on Boot Camp lab experience, he stated “The S4 Open technology is a great tool to have in the tool box to offer to customers who need an integration solution that does not limit their choice to JCI legacy solutions. Easier to use than a Jace and is less of a mess”

Sean Rosin, Implementation Engineer team Manager for BuildingFit, had a different goal for attending the Boot Camp. BuildingFit is an analytics company looking to use the S4 Open products to gather information from building sensors in order to make energy saving decisions. They offer a comprehensive energy performance platform. It is used to monitor facility and operational data, detect energy savings and optimization opportunities, verify operational sequences, and lock in performance and savings over time.

The BuildingFit application is different from the S4 Open products’ main use cases, but is not unheard of. The S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router would be installed as an on-site data collection agent to provide data for BuildingFit analytic services while co-existing with the Metasys® head end. While collecting data the Metasys® system operates as it always has. Changes to the Metasys® installation will be guided by the details uncovered by the analytics process.

His reason for attending the training was to understand where the S4 technology fits into the process of gathering data and the ease in which it collects and delivers the data. He reflected, “The S4 products offers the opportunity to gather information from the JCI products that are installed in a building to allow us to deliver a clear picture of where the energy usage can be saved."

The S4 staff looks forward to the next scheduled training on October 24-25. We will hold the class if we have at least 3 students. If you have staff that could benefit from this class, please contact Nancy@thes4group.net