S4 Boot Camp Goes Virtual on YouTube

The S4 Group responded quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic and canceled our scheduled S4 Boot Camps. The safety of our staff and our partners is of utmost importance.

S4 partners who attended our boot camps have completed their integration projects quicker and within budget vs. those who just winged it. S4 sees the difference in the Boot Camp attendees are usually more self-sufficient and generate less support calls to S4. So, we needed a way to continue this valuable service to our partners.

Live demonstrations and hands-on exercises are a core part of our two-day S4 Boot Camp. Boot Camps are customized to the attendees and have a technology focus, a sales focus, or are a combination depending on the attendees’ goals.

We ask each attendee to bring their global controller and BACnet Operator Workstation with them and have the JCI M-Tools utilities available for their hands-on workshops. This provides an experience as close to what they will experience in the real-world as possible.

There is no substitute for the effectiveness of in-person S4 Boot Camps. But, since we can’t control the pandemic, we have to take Boot Camp virtual. To that end we have established a YouTube Channel. The first video published is the Value Proposition for the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router Release 1.51.

The next video to be published attempts to capture the product demonstration segments of a S4 Boot Camp as a Virtual Live Demo. It will use a series of 3 modes during the video:

  • Introductory graphics to set the context
  • The S4 Open Management Console first to introduce you to the features and capabilities, then to perform an actual integration.
  • YABE to demonstrate the success of the integration

The plan is to have the Virtual Live Demo completed before the end of November.

We are in the process of writing scripts for virtual presentations for each module that we would normally host in a S4 Boot Camp. They will be published as individual videos as they are completed. The modules are:

  • Module 1: Technology and Architectural Overview
  • Module 2: Router Features
  • Module 3A: Installation Planning
  • Module 3B: Options and Ordering
  • Module 4: Best Practices and Risk Mitigation
  • Module 5: Integration Process
  • Module 6: Advanced Concepts
  • Module 7: Performance Tuning
  • Module 8: Management, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting
  • Module 9: S4 Marketing Program
  • Module 10: Top 10 Review
  • Module 11: New Products

These videos are all based on our S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router Release 1.51, our current production release.

As you complete these videos feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have questions about any of the topics covered.

Even though our Version 2 system is right around the corner, we knew that virtualizing our current Boot Camp was critical to the ongoing success of our partners. As Version 2 is released we will either update this set of videos or generate new video titles to continue the Virtual Boot Camp program.

We look forward to helping our partners prepare customer buildings for the safe return of their occupants and to the day that we can resume offering in-person boot camps. Until then, we wish you success and continued good health.