S4 Announces EMPEQ Financing Program

The S4 Group, Inc. (S4) and Empower Equity (EMPEQ), a disabled veteran led fintech company focused on delivering equipment financing for commercial and industrial buildings and tools for commercial HVACR contractors, have formed a strategic partnership to offer capital to companies impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis. EMPEQ has created a "gap" funding program to get businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities the capital they need but was not included in the Federal stimulus package.

EMPEQ provides immediate financing ranging from $10,000 to $20 million for small- to mid-sized businesses to upgrade their essential building equipment. Including:

  • Traditional retrofits and upgrades of HVAC systems – such as chillers, boilers, roof top units, refrigeration, lighting, energy management—with new systems.
  • Improving energy consumption and reducing their carbon footprint, generating savings to preserve capital amidst the current economic slowdown from COVID-19.
  • Improving or introducing improved ventilation systems, building humidity control, coronavirus mitigation technologies such as UV lighting, and other technologies that improve IAQ and occupant health and safety.
  • Introducing remote management and monitoring of buildings, and value-added applications such as analytics, fault detection, and energy management systems.

Empower Equity
EMPEQ is uniquely positioned to help organizations struggling with the current business climate through its finance program, which is designed to fund projects faster than other companies—shortening sales cycles and reducing customer acquisition costs. Businesses and building owners who can’t find the money in their budget for critical equipment can get their desired upgrade at little or no upfront cost.


• HVACR, Lighting, Energy, and Building Automation projects all qualify for finance.
• Projects from as little as $10k up to $20m.
• Extremely fast Automated Cloud Based Application Process.
• Approvals in 2 hours or less.
• Broad range of finance models including on and off-balance sheet.


Any S4 Group integrator partner or building owner is eligible to participate in this program. S4 partners build upon the open BACnet interface of the S4 products and provide all required on-site services and additional products to deliver a complete solution to the building owner / operators retrofit and upgrade requirements. S4 products provide the enabling technology, cost effectively and with minimal impact to building occupants. S4 integrator partners deliver and support the total solution. The entire project can be funded under this program. Participating S4 integrator partners are required to maintain an active S4 Software Assurance agreement throughout the life of program. Applications for finance can be submitted here https://empeq.co/unfinance-s4group/


Incorporated in 2016, EMPEQ is changing the way commercial and industrial buildings finance their critical energy equipment and infrastructure projects. EMPEQ is a financial technology (fintech) company that utilizes technology to provide small- and mid-size businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities easy to use and simple to understand financing options and tools for HVAC commercial contractors to close more projects faster. EMPEQ’s uses its proprietary “UnFinancingsm” approach to deploy traditional financing and EMPEQ’s unique subscription model. For more information visit www.empeq.co.