Steve Jones Session People Of Prospect

People of Prospect is an interview webinar series dedicated to learning more about the individuals in ProspectSV's ecosystem, especially about their industry knowledge and who they are as people.

Prospect Silicon Valley was born in San Jose, where they operate a Technology Demonstration Center. They are advancing the field of urbantech by developing a network to solve the significant challenges and pressures our cities face; helping the public sector, startups and corporations build and prove new solutions for the essential foundation of our cities — transportation & mobility, energy & buildings.

Rapidly growing urban populations are challenging our quality of life and pressuring cities all over the world to rethink how they manage infrastructure and resources. However, cities and the systems that run them are slow to change. Identifying the best ways for cities, innovators and corporations to come together and apply rapidly advancing technology to solve major urban challenges requires new approaches and common ground.

Join this People Of Prospect webinar to hear Steve discuss:
• What is the potential of smart building technology?
• What are some barriers to smart building projects?
• What is Steve’s problem-solving approach?


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This article Legacy Buildings Need Love Too may inspire questions for the session.

If you want even more details we have published our training modules in our Virtual S4 Boot Camp.

I look forward to the discussions on April 27th and encourage you to connect with me on LinkedIn.