People of Prospect webinar April 27th, 2021 10:00 AM Pacific Time

ProspectSV We’re excited to have Steve Jones as the featured guest on Prospect Silicon Valley’s “People of Prospect,” which is a webinar series dedicated to highlighting individuals in ProspectSV’s ecosystem, especially about their industry knowledge as well as who they are as people. ProspectSV is an innovation and social impact hub committed to improving how technology is developed and used for better transportation systems, buildings, and environment.

Tune into the webinar to hear Steve discuss:
What is the potential of smart building technology?
What are some barriers to smart building projects?
What is Steve’s problem-solving approach?

We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Click here to register and for more information.

This article Legacy Buildings Need Love Too may inspire questions for the session.

If you want even more details we have published our training modules in our Virtual S4 Boot Camp.

I look forward to the discussions on April 27th and encourage you to connect with me on LinkedIn.