The S4 Group participated in the Schneider Electric Midwest Region and West Region LA Area SmartStruxure Sales & Technical Workshops.

S-E holds regional meetings to introduce and provide training for new products, share best practices, and introduce innovative solutions to branch offices and dealers. The S4 Group was invited to host a tabletop display of the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router product for the regional attendees to experience S4 technology first hand and ask questions during each intermission in the formal training. Steve Jones, Managing Partner of the S4 Group, conducted demonstrations of the integration process to publish legacy Metasys® N2 devices to BACnet and discussed using the BACnet-N2 Router to migrate buildings to Schneider Electric SmartStruxure.

Picture of the display table at the training

A number of the meeting attendees indicated that they had completed successful projects with the S4 product and were looking forward to moving forward with new initiatives. This sparked a lively discussion with those who were seeing it for the first time. Steve Jones commented that there is no better advertisement then a partner sharing their own success stories.

The S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router provides the enabling technology to introduce SmartStruxure to legacy Metasys® BAS installations and immediately add value for the building operator and occupants. More importantly, it morphs the legacy devices into an open environment that sets the stage for a long term relationship between the building owner and Schneider Electric dealer to migrate the building to a complete Schneider Electric solution. The bigger picture is that S4 technology provides a valuable business development tool that enables Schneider Electric dealers to expand their market to legacy Metasys® BAS installations that otherwise would have been impossible to convert to SmartStruxure.