Obermeier Software Visits S4

Klaus Obermeier, president of Obermeier Software, spent the month of July with The S4 Group at our offices in Ogden, UT. This relationship is not new. Obermeier Software has
been our strategic partner for development since day one. It’s been a long distance relationship with communications by phone and email being the norm. All that changed with this month’s visit. Our focus was finalizing the code for our 1.50 release and testing it in the S4 test lab. The efficiencies of everyone being physically together and not having to deal with time zone differences really paid off in the progress made on this release. In addition, we had the opportunity to do a lot of strategic planning to get ready for release 2.0 with a centralized development and test environment and online documentation maintenance. The stage is set for multiple new integrations, enabling us to move much faster with new development initiatives, and will help us to improve customer support and maintenance activities. Thank You, Klaus, for all the hard work! We are already making plans for the next visit.
Klaus said, “The visit was very productive for our development and it we will do that on a regular basis now.
Besides work I enjoyed the beautiful Utah landscape, I can’t put it into words, so I can only say come to Utah and see for yourself! “