New S4 Systems Fully Support OPC UA

S4 Products have always supported OPC in parallel to BACnet. OPC stands for Open Platform Communication and is a standard to exchange data with automation devices and systems in the field. It is most widely used in the industrial automation space, but also regularly used to automate buildings. This is why S4 Products featured support for OPC from the very beginning.

OPC has evolved over the years and finally ended up in a superset called OPC UA, where UA stands for Unified Architecture. This UA emphasizes the fact that OPC is now completely indepedent from the architecture and no longer depends on Microsoft® technology. It can run on any Unix, Linux, Mac, or mobile device. It establishes a platform-indepedent and secure exchange of data between the field and control systems. It is essentially a set of communication protocols and standards dedicated to high speed data exchange as well as communication across the Internet. The new S4 Cobalt System generation will feature full support of OPC UA and further enhances the OPC support of the current S4 Products.
Together with the support of BACnet you have all the flexibility to adjust to your customers‘ needs and provide OPC UA as well as BACnet connectivity.

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