Interoperability Update: ODIN Building Automation System

This month, I had the opportunity to install, configure and conduct our standard interoperability testing with the ODIN cloud-based BACnet operator workstation. The ODIN system consists of two parts: an onsite BACnet client and a cloud-based database and user interface. Through the user interface you can discover devices and add them to your configuration, set and view trends, alarms and schedules, create groups of objects and adjust BBMD settings.

I found the installation process to be straight forward and the online documentation to be helpful. Discovering devices worked as expected with most BACnet systems, although they can not be natively brought in to the ODIN platform. Instead, ODIN makes heavy use of groups to organize points, but they do allow the user to import all the points on a device as a group during the discovery process. Discovering devices, reading and writing to points, and setting up trends and alarms, all worked without issue with a fully configured BACnet-N2 Router and associated emulated N2 devices.

While not designed to replace an onsite BACnet management system, I found that ODIN offers many features that building operators would find useful especially users of our BACnet-N2 router who would like an easy to use, web and smartphone accessible, remote monitoring solution. For more information visit