Inside IQ Technical Summit Event

The Inside IQ Building Automation Alliance, an association of independent building automation contractors, held a Technical Summit in Dallas, Texas in the days following the AHR expo. The S4 Group was invited to be part of their conference agenda. Steve Jones, Managing Partner of the S4 Group, introduced the S4 Open family of products, designed to facilitate the migration of existing Johnson Controls Metasys® systems into BACnet. Several of the attendees had experience with the S4 Group’s products and were asked to compare the service and support of a variety of N2 integration products. The S4 Group received an A+ from the group, by far the highest rating. We are all very proud to have received such a positive response.

Steve was available to give live demos of the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 router and to answer questions about the technology. Nancy Jones, The S4 Group’s Director of Quality Assurance, was also available during the demos to answer questions and gather impressions of the technology.

InsideIQ Demo System

The feedback was positive and several attendees requested that we follow up with them and keep them informed on system updates and enhancements, as well as new product announcements. Another suggestion the group made was that we share product information with their managers and keep them informed of ongoing products and enhancements.

Steve Jones summed up his impression of the group when he stated, “It was a smart group of people who are focused on solving the customer’s problems and sharing information with each other. It is a perfect fit for our technology.”

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