Giving Back

If you’ve been a reader of The Gateway newsletter for some time, you know that S4 is proud to encourage volunteerism and charitable contributions among our staff. We donate our time and money to our local and global communities. We contribute to well-known organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Doctors Without Borders, the Carter Fund, various cancer research institutes, and environmental groups. Locally, we support the Utah Food Bank, Catholic Community Services of Utah, who do great work to aid our refugee population, the local animal shelter, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and the Division of Wildlife Resources via advertisement in the Utah Game Warden magazine.

We make time to give back to our community in various ways. As you may know, Steve has been involved in a steam train restoration for many years now. The sesquicentennial of the driving of the Golden Spike is coming up next year, and the celebration will take place here in Ogden. Restoration efforts and planning for this big event are moving full steam ahead. Nancy is involved in literacy work with both students and adults. We have all given our time to help fundraise for our local public radio and television stations. Next month, Stephanie will take part in an exciting opportunity offered by Weber County – a citizen’s police academy. This will be several weeks long and will feature training in many of the skills that police officers must master, including defensive tactics. It should be an eye-opening and enriching experience.

We are always happy to consider new organizations to support, so if you have one that is especially important to you, please reach out and let us know.