Energy Management – First Things First!

Energy conservation is critical to the design of today’s new building systems and often plays a large part in the conversation when making upgrade decisions. Nearly every day there is an article published that discusses conserving energy in buildings, touching all segments of the BAS industry. As the industry tackles energy, the old expression of “first things first” enters the dialog.

The “first thing” in this case, of course, is funding. Someone needs to pay for the time and technology required to carry out the energy analysis of a commercial building or campus of buildings. To address this issue of cost, the S4 group joined the Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart® Business Vendor program. This program offers a menu of services by local companies who provide the tools that allow companies to save energy dollars.

The S4 group supports our customers’ efforts to save energy by opening up legacy building automation systems, enabling building owners to collect the energy usage data without impacting their current BAS installation. As more of our customers realize the importance of this kind of analysis, the S4 Open technology can act as a conduit for the owner to make energy and performance related plans for the future of their building.

In addition, Wattsmart®, like many other energy programs, has grants and incentives that will fund the initial analysis step as well as equipment rebates and rate reductions for the company when energy savings is registered post project.

Contact your local energy entity and discover the myriad of energy saving programs, grants, and ongoing incentives that may be available in your area. Armed with these resources and BAS business knowledge, savvy companies are marketing these programs to their customers and find them to be beneficial to all. When upfront costs can be alleviated, there is no reason not to tap into the future of building automation and save energy, save money, and increase comfort in commercial spaces.