Embedded World Nuremberg, Germany

The Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany is one of the leading shows in the Embedded Technology sector. Klaus Obermeier attended this show on behalf of The S4 Group Inc. and Obermeier Software to learn about the latest in embedded systems technology and how it might fit with the next generation of S4 Products.

Over 1000 vendors out of 78 countries presented their latest technology in 6 buildings to a crowd of about 32,000 visitors. The focus of this growing show is clearly the Internet of Things (IOT) and how to implement it in various scenarios. It was impossible to view and understand each and every new technology in this short one-day trip, however it was sufficient enough to become informed about new technology that is relevant to S4 Products.

"Safe for the Future” was one of the major themes at the show and is in sync with what is happening at S4. Making systems secure is not only a software problem; hardware design can certainly help to make systems secure. Safety is a joint effort of both hard- and software-design. We will soon present innovations in that area.

A high-quality and robust case has traditionally been a major advantage of S4 Hardware. With that strategic guideline in mind, we found several new innovative solutions for our future S4 Products. Moreover, there are several add-on solutions available such as high-quality touchscreen displays to enable local control of S4 systems.

All in all the Nuremberg exhibition was very productive for S4 and we are excited about integrating the solutions found with our future products and leveraging these innovations to our customers’ advantage.