Connected World Conference presentation

The presentation that I presented at this conference on June 17th 2010 is available for download.

Session Title: Evolving Standards in Wireless Building Automation

Description: The session will introduce the EnOcean wireless and battery free technology, the EnOcean Alliance and how they are promoting this as a standard. Then we’ll discuss efforts underway to develop a standard for an EnOcean to BACnet gateway that will enable EnOcean zones of automation to participate in enterprise wide building management systems. Finally, we’ll talk about how The S4 Group, Inc. is leveraging the existing core technology of our S4 Open Appliances to deliver this standards-based gateway.

The presentation can be downloaded by visiting and navigating to Support and Downloads / The S4 Group Inc. / Conference Presentations. Or, just click here.

The conference was a great event and I came away knowing a lot more about the Machine to Machine industry. In fact, one of the most enlightening things was that as I learned more about MtoM I realized that the building automation industry was a very early adopter. We just didn’t call what we were doing MtoM.

Enough for now. I have to get back to writing my review of the show for I’m already late.