BACnet Addenda Review – Getting Behind IoT

Addenda 135-2012am brings standard web technologies to BACnet

The upcoming revised ASHRAE BACnet standard will include native support for technologies such as RESTful services, XML and standard JSON syntax for the BACnet data model. SOAP, an earlier web technology, will be deprecated in favor of current technologies. The S4 Group has evaluated this addenda and will incorporate these changes into future versions of our products. For our customers, this opens up many more opportunities to integrate legacy systems to cloud-based analytics and monitoring applications that have previously had little to no native BACnet support.

To review the technical specifics, and full text, of this addenda click here. Also, be sure to visit the addenda section on the official BACnet site to review other exciting upcoming changes to the protocol. And remember, the BACnet standard is under continuous maintenance, to propose a change to the current standard visit and fill out the submittal form with your suggestions.