Attention Customers – Price Change Coming Soon

If you’ve been receiving our newsletter for a while, you may know that we’ve been talking about a price change for our S4 Open BACnet-N2 and OPC-N2 routers for some time now. Well, the time has finally come to make those changes.

Notice we said price change, and not price increase:

Prices are dropping by as much as 11% for the -16, -32, -64, and -128 size product bundles with the Upstream N2 option (which provides co-existence with the Metasys® supervisory controller). Previously, the cost for this option was $1,200.00 across the board. We’ve changed the pricing for this option to be sensitive to the size of the N2 Router to increase our competitiveness, especially on the lower size systems. Competitiveness may not be the right term, though, since the S4 Open Appliances are the only product in the marketplace that offer this capability, but, if this enables our partners to win more business, we’re willing to say that it makes us more competitive.

A main motivator behind the change was to correct a pricing anomaly that existed between the -128 and -256 models. When chose to offer multiple sizes of N2 Routers (so that we could scale the product for smaller buildings) we decided to include the upstream option on the -256 model by default. This decision, created by a self-imposed price cap, made it so the price of our -256 model was actually slightly less than that of a -128 model with an added Upstream N2 Interface. When quoting solutions to our partners we always made this quirk known, and quoted the best price option. The result is a significant price decrease for the -256 product bundles without the Upstream N2 option and a modest price increase for those product bundles that include that capability.

If you look at the current average list price of all of our products bundles vs. the new list prices there is an increase of $100.00. Yep, that’s it: One Hundred Dollars over the entire product offering. Considering the increased capabilities and new features that we have delivered over the years, we hope you will agree that what we have done is mostly a restructuring of pricing that will greatly benefit our integration partners and the building owners that you serve.

New prices will be effective __ June 1, 2016__.